How to DECREASE your blog’s following

Most often we write blogs and post to Twitter and Facebook to discover new tips and resources and to share success stories among the genealogical community.  I have noticed something in the last few months that can decrease your readership and prompt others to stop sharing and following.

You probably can guess by now that I am writing about divisive posts about opinions on subjects such as politics or other non-genealogy related controversial topics in the news.  If you want to alienate a portion of your followers and readers post a rant or share a post from a celebrity or politician that you strongly identify with.

Why does someone do this?  It seems to me that the author of the post has strong feelings about the subject and wants others to know about them and we want others to acknowledge and ratify our viewpoint.  While this may have the intended effect with some readers it will also alienate readers who do not hold the same sympathies.  If the topic is not related somehow to family history then the alienated reader is likely to leave your site, blog or group and not return.  I know that this has been my experience both on the posting side and the reading side.  If you lose a reader or follower you may lose out on future discoveries.

My suggestion?  Accommodate your non-genealogy feelings by opening a separate account on Twitter or start a different group on Facebook where you can post non-genealogy opinions without expecting to alienate family history researchers and extended family members.  In a large extended family I have many members with diverse views and opinions.  I want them to freely share old photos and stories.

Do you have any suggestions or comments about this topic?


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