Tracking Newly Released Collections

Newly updated and newly released digital collections are always exciting to discover – kind of like opening a new present!

But how does one know what has just been released?  Each hosting site does things a little different but the two sites I go to most often are and

In click on Search and you will see a page with a world map.  Click the link “Browse All Published Collections”FS World Map

Then you will see a list of all of their collections.  Simply click on the column header “Last Updated” and the collection will be sorted to show the most recently updated ones at the top.

For – Look for the “Search” button on the main toolbar on the Home page.  Hover over that button and when the menu appears click on Card Catalog.

Ancestry Card Catalog1

When viewing the card catalog of collections there is a handy “Sort By” drop-down menu to bring up the most recently added collections.

I hope this helps you keep current on new collections as they are released.  Feedback on this article and suggestions are welcome!


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